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How to Play Nobby.Game: A Beginner's Guide

Руководство по игре (Русская версия)

Welcome to Nobby.Game, where magic meets adventure in the palm of your hand! Follow this simple guide to join the adventure and begin your journey in the enchanted realm of Nobby.

NobbyGame Guide -

Initiating the Game

In order to dive into the enchanting world of Nobby.Game, simply search for "@nobbyofficial_bot" within your Telegram app. Upon finding the official Nobby bot, initiate your journey by starting a conversation with the bot using the command "/start"

Once you've started the conversation with the Nobby bot, you'll be greeted with a main menu offering a variety of options. Click on the "Let's start!" button to start your adventure and enter the magical forest where your journey begins.

On the main menu in Nobby.Game lies three essential buttons:

  1. "Play" - Start an adventure and dive into the magical world of Nobby.

  2. "Boosters" - Enhancing player's gameplay with various boosters available for purchase.

  3. "Referrals" - Invite friends to join the adventure and earn rewards.

On the main menu player can join the game, purchase boosters to enhance player's gameplay or invite friends to earn rewards.


On this page players may discover enhancements to elevate their gameplay in Nobby.Game. These boosts, ranging from increased $noSOX earnings to energy regeneration boosts, provide strategic advantages for overcoming obstacles and achieving goals.


In the "Referrals" section, players unlock the power of friendship in Nobby.Game. Invite friends to join the adventure, and for each referral, you'll receive 88 $SOX while your friend earns 8,888 $NOSOX. To claim your rewards user needs to connect Wallet to the Bot. It is as simple as in any other Telegram Mini-App.

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Gameplay Basics

As players enter the mystical forest, they will encounter Eva, a friendly elf awaiting your arrival. To earn $noSOX, the currency of Nobby.Game, simply tap on Eva. Each tap consumes energy, so keep an eye on your energy level displayed on the screen. Energy regenerates over time, allowing you to continue tapping and earning $noSOX.


In Nobby.Game, spells are the key to overcoming obstacles and mastering the mystical realm:

1) "EXTERMINATE" - unleashes devastating damage upon enemies, dealing 100 damage with a cost of 200 energy points and a cooldown of 5 seconds.

2) "PROTEGATO" - shields player from losing $NOSOX, costing 200 energy points with a cooldown of 600 seconds and lasting for 10 seconds.

3) "OPENERA" - helps player to open chests faster, costing 200 energy points with a cooldown of 300 seconds.

4) "FOTTIFORCE" - enhancing tapping power, costing 200 energy points with a cooldown of 600 seconds and lasting for 10 seconds.

To use a spell player must choose a spell he wants to use and then draw it on the screen. The better is drawing - the more chance that the spell will cast successfully.

Master these spells, strategize wisely, and conquer the challenges that await in Nobby.Game.

Encountering Obstacles

During an adventure, players will encounter obstacles along the way. These obstacles can take the form of Challenges, such as powerful bosses, or Reward encounters, such as treasure chests filled with coins. Navigate through these obstacles using strategic spell usage and uncover the mysteries that lie within.


Players must utilize their arsenal of spells wisely, unleashing devastating attacks such as "EXTERMINATE" to chip away at the boss's formidable health pool. With each successful encounter, players are rewarded with generous amounts of $noSOX and progress further in their journey.

These challenges demand swift action and strategic spell usage, as players risk losing 10 $noSOX for each second they hesitate.


There players encounter rewards obstacles that offer tantalizing treasures and valuable bonuses to aid them on their journey. To unlock these coveted rewards, players must utilize their spells wisely, employing abilities such as "OPENERA" to assist in opening the chest and revealing its contents.

Energy Points

Energy points are a vital resource in Nobby.Game, fueling player's actions and abilities. With each tap and spell cast, energy is expended, requiring players to manage their resources wisely. Energy regenerates with speed of 1 energy per second. By monitoring energy levels and utilizing spells strategically, players can optimize their gameplay experience and achieve greater success in their quest for riches and glory.


The game has a system of penalties for quitting challenges. In some cases, quitting a challenge and getting a penalty is beneficial, for example, when you have little energy and the battle is not in your favor - you can save a certain amount of $noSOX.


1) What if I run out of Energy?

The Elf needs energy to carry the $noSOX you have earned from the magic forest to your in-game wallet. Therefore, if the player's energy level drops to 0, the race is failed. It is necessary to maintain the energy level or use special boosters.

2) How to complete Challenges?

In the Challenges you need to use the right spell as quickly as possible and defeat the enemy. At regular intervals, the monster deals damage to you, taking away $noSOX. Demonstrate your reaction speed!

3) My spells don't work, what do I do wrong?

Either you drew the spell incorrectly or, more often, you drew it backwards. You should start drawing with a bright spark on the image of the spell!

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