Earning Opportunities

Ways to earn $SOX in Nobby Game

Our innovative game design not only captivates with its story and visual appeal but also introduces a rewarding economic model, enabling players to earn $SOX tokens through various in-game activities. This dual focus on entertainment and earning potential sets Nobby game apart, promising a captivating and potentially lucrative adventure for all participants.

Ways to Earn $SOX Tokens

Combat with Other Players

Engage in thrilling battles against fellow adventurers to prove your might and strategy. Players can challenge each other in the arena where skill, strategy, and the right combination of abilities will determine the victory. Winning these battles rewards participants with $SOX tokens, the in-game currency, reflecting their prowess and success in combat. This competitive mode not only enhances the game's excitement but also serves as a primary way for players to increase their earnings while enjoying the game.

Special Events: Dungeons

Dungeons offer a thrilling challenge for those brave enough to venture into the unknown. These special events are designed for players seeking adventure and rewards beyond the usual combat encounters. Within these dungeons, players will encounter a series of mini-bosses leading up to the ultimate challenge: the Megaboss. Defeating these formidable opponents requires skill, strategy, and teamwork, offering substantial $SOX token rewards to the victors.

  • The Secret Room: A unique feature of our dungeons is the hidden room, a secret space that players must discover within the labyrinthine passages. This room holds additional $SOX tokens and other valuable in-game items, providing an extra incentive for exploration and adding an element of mystery and excitement to the dungeon-crawling experience.

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