Gameplay Dynamics

Dynamic elements

  • Turn Mechanics: In a single turn, a player can target one enemy elf for damage. The choice between executing a normal attack or an enhanced elemental attack adds depth to the strategy, with enhanced attacks costing more EP but delivering greater damage.

  • Elemental Advantage: The battle system incorporates elemental advantages, where certain elements are stronger or weaker against others. This is quantified by an elemental modifier in damage calculations, amplifying or reducing damage based on elemental matchups.

  • Damage Formula: Damage dealt is calculated as:

AP of attacker − DP of defender

AP of attacker − DP of defender multiplied by the Elemental Modifier.

  • Energy and Skills: Players regenerate EP each turn, encouraging strategic planning for using normal attacks or saving for potent special attacks. Special skills like "Shield" (increasing DP) and "Enhanced Attack" (boosting AP) require EP, adding another layer of strategy.

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