$SOX - Nobby's Jetton

The tokenomics of Nobby are designed to ensure a balanced and sustainable economy within the Nobby ecosystem, underpinned by the TON blockchain. The total supply of Nobby tokens ($SOX) is capped at 1,000,000,000, with allocations strategically divided to support various facets of the game and its community. This section outlines the distribution strategy and the roles these tokens play in maintaining and growing the Nobby universe.

Total Supply Distribution

  • Rewards: 36.1%

20% P2E Rewards

Twenty percent of Nobby token supply is dedicated to rewards. This allocation is designed to incentivize players to engage with the game, participate in battles, complete quests, and contribute to the Nobby ecosystem. It ensures a constant flow of rewards that directly benefit the active and contributing players, fostering a vibrant and dynamic community.

11.1% Staking rewards

Eleven percent of the Nobby tokens are reserved for staking purposes. Staking allows token holders to lock up their tokens in return for rewards, contributing to the security and stability of the Nobby ecosystem. This mechanism not only provides an incentive for holding tokens but also plays a crucial role in governing the game's economy and making key decisions in its development.

5% Aidrops

  • Fairlaunch: 35%

  • DEXs listing: 18.9%

  • Nobby Game Development: 5%

Five percent of the tokens are earmarked for the continuous development of the Nobby game. This includes funding for new features, updates, bug fixes, and enhancements to ensure an engaging and up-to-date gaming experience. Investing in the game's development is crucial for keeping the platform innovative, secure, and aligned with the community's expectations.

  • Team Stake: 5%

The remaining five percent of the tokens are allocated to the team behind Nobby. This stake serves as a motivation and reward for the creators, developers, and administrators who dedicate their time and expertise to the project. It aligns the team's interests with the long-term success and sustainability of Nobby, ensuring their commitment to the game and its community.

Sustainability and Growth

The tokenomics framework of Nobby is designed with sustainability and growth at its core. By allocating tokens to areas such as P2E rewards, staking, marketing, development, and team incentives, we aim to create a balanced and thriving economy. This structure supports the long-term vision of Nobby, ensuring that the game remains engaging, rewarding, and continually evolving.

As Nobby progresses, adjustments and updates to the tokenomics may be made in response to community feedback, market trends, and the evolving landscape of blockchain gaming. Our commitment is to transparency and adaptability, ensuring that Nobby remains at the forefront of the P2E gaming revolution.

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