Gameplay Basics

Core Gameplay Elements

  • Elemental Elves: Each elf possesses an elemental attribute that influences its strengths and weaknesses in battle. The elements are fire, water, air, and earth, creating a dynamic rock-paper-scissors mechanic where certain elements have advantages over others.

  • Energy Points (EP): EPs are critical for executing powerful techniques. Each elf contributes to the team's total EP, which determines the frequency of enhanced attacks. Players start with certain amount of EP per turn, with a maximum limit for all elves combined.

  • Health Points (HP): An elf's vitality. Once an elf's HP reaches 0, it is considered defeated and removed from play.

  • Defense Points (DP): DPs mitigate incoming damage. A higher DP means an elf can sustain more hits from opponents.

  • Attack Points (AP): APs dictate the amount of damage an elf can inflict on opponents. Players can choose to execute a normal attack or spend EP for an enhanced elemental attack, which has more AP.

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