Update Version 1.3

Update 1.3 Patch-Note

  1. New Challenges - Goblin Army: Brace yourself for the Goblin Army! Face off against Goblin Fighter, Goblin Warrior, and the fearsome Goblin Warlord. The stronger the adversary, the richer the rewards. Do you have what it takes to emerge victorious?

  2. Dynamic Sounds: We've added sounds to the game to make your adventures even more immersive! Enjoy the new audio effects or toggle them on and off at your convenience.

  3. New Chest Types:

    • Mimic-Chest: Beware of the Mimic-Chest! It may look like a treasure trove but houses a monster. Defeat it to earn a bounty of $noSOX.

    • Matryoshka-Chest: Unlock this nested wonder for a chance to win up to 100,000 $noSOX if luck is on your side.

    • Energy-Chest: Replenish your energy levels instantly with the Energy-Chest, keeping you in the game longer.

    • Big Chest: Discover the Big Chest for an exceptionally generous $noSOX payout.

  4. Gameplay Enhancements:

    • Say goodbye to losing $noSOX after depleting your energy. Now, play worry-free!

    • Experience our refined challenge occurrence system for a smoother and more balanced gameplay.

    • Enjoy a smoother experience with various bug fixes implemented to enhance stability and performance.

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